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Virtual Worlds is an immersive media company specializing in photogrammetry capture, digital twins and world-class immersive experiences.

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VR Films & Immersive Entertainment

We’re creating the next generation of immersive entertainment. From simple headsets to motion chairs to LED domes, we create VR and XR content that takes full advantage of any medium. We craft stories with excitement and engagement in mind. With photorealistic environments, characters, and VFX, we give audiences experiences they will never forget. 

Virtual Production Environments

Our team of veteran 3D artists are building the virtual sets of the future. Using photogrammetry, we create millimeter accurate replicas of real world places. Our decades of relationships with governments around the world ensure that even the hardest locations are only a phone call away. If the place only exists in your imagination, we’ll create it ourselves to match your vision.

Digital Twins

We create exact replicas of any object, location, or person on earth. Whether it’s for marketing, engineering, or historical preservation, our team captures and creates carbon copy models that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

3D Apps & Models

The future is immersive and interconnected. Whether it’s AR, VR, or XR, we create apps and experiences that tap into the ever expanding network of immersive entertainment and socialization. Using our captures of real world locations and objects, our metaverse content is photorealistic and future-proof.

Spatial Web

Our 3D models are perfect for distribution on the blockchain. By capturing real world objects with perfect accuracy, we create unique digital artwork with inherent value. Our access to artifacts and objects around the world and our deep minting expertise ensure that we can deliver NFTs and Web 3.0 assets for any project.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best companies in the world.


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