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To create the immersive VR experience Ramses & Nefertari: Journey to Osiris required ingenuity and innovation.


Our photogrammetry capture team used cranes with the massive temples of Abu Simbel and custom lights for the stunning artwork of Nefertari’s tomb.

The assets were combined with animated 3D content in an immersive educational experience for a touring museum exhibition dedicated to Ramses II.

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To create our award winning cinematic VR experience Machu Picchu and the Spirit of the Condor, our team was the first to capture the massive site of Machu Picchu in full 3D with photogrammetry. We then developed an immersive educational VR experience complete with animated CG characters, motion simulated flight, custom scents, and a synced soundtrack.


Combining expertise across more than a dozen fields, our virtual tour of Machu Picchu showcased our technical prowess in an exhilarating experience for the ages and won the Lumiere Award for Best Use of VR.

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To create King Tutankhamun: Enter the Tomb we not only captured the ancient Pharaoh’s final resting place in full 3D using photogrammetry but also hundreds of the artifacts that were found inside. Together, this experience allowed audiences to experience what it was like to step inside the tomb for the first time.

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Our team shot, scanned and hand-polished a fortress and Greek temple to create an ultra-realistic 3D environment. After optimizing for VR, we built an explorable universe for users to learn, interact, and share.

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Working with the US Army Future’s Command, we developed an immersive training simulation for Tactical Combat Casualty Care including tourniquet application, hemorrhage control, intubation, and more. We simulated both a classroom environment and a battlefield scenario so students could first prepare with hands-on learning before putting their skills to the test.

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